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#123 – Matt and Leigh Lilla

Matt and Leigh Lilla are coaches at CrossFit Rebels in Safety Harbor, Florida, Travelers, and long time friends!

Zac Papay

Zac Papay is a former collegiate thrower, Westside Barbell certified coach, High School Coach, and all around nerd.

Andrew Durniat

Andrew Durniat is the owner of Durniat Strength, and former high level strength athlete turned maniac fitness enthusiast!

Erin Valenti

Erin Valenti is a former college rower, Regional Qualifier and nurse.

Fred Lozano

Fred Lozano is the owner of Midwest Best Grooming company and Bascule Brewery and Public House in Lorain, Ohio.

Jessica Padilla

Jessica Padilla is a `coach, engineering student, former college athlete and Miss Cleveland Latina 2017.

Ryan Faehnle

Ryan Faehnle is an Author, Strength Coach, and Myofascial Stretch Therapist!

Bill Boyer

Bill Boyer is a strongman competitor, traveler and friend of the show.

Q and A

Zac Papay is a complete and utter dill-hole.

Justin Albaugh

Justin Albaugh is a photographer and surfer from Cleveland , Ohio.

Erin Renee

Erin Valenti is a voice of reason in a world gone mad. The mind of Sheldon Cooper in a Frazetta girl body.

Chuck Kasson and Andy Vincent

Chuck Kasson is the 2018 World Highland Games Heavy Events Champion. Andy Vincent is a pro Highland games athlete , former Pro strongman and played

Matt Damian

Matt Damian is an author, podcaster and a regular on the Refined Savage Podcast

The Johnsons

Kibwe Johnson is a 2 time Olympian in the hammer throw and throws coach at IMG academy . Crystal Smith Johnson is an athlete, blogger

Dr. Brian Redmond

“Dr. Brian Redmond has devoted much of his career to understanding the prehistory of Northern Ohio. His expertise at finding and interpreting evidence of the

Matt Wenning and Brooke Sousa

Matt Wenning is one of the nations top strength and conditioning coaches and a world record holder in the powerlifts. Brooke Sousa is one of

Malcom Majesky and Tony Bland

Malcom Majesky and Tony Bland are the masterminds behind the Ashland University Strength and Conditioning Program

Eric Werskey

Eric Werskey is the head throws coach for the University of Iowa

Zac Papay

Zac Papay is degenerate ex-felon from Amherst , Ohio. He lives with his mom.

Kerry Overfelt and Zach Riley are professional Highland games athletes and mental patients.

Matt Mars

Matt Mars is the owner of Chez Francois , a Michelin rated restaurant in Vermilion , Ohio.

Leah Hopkins

Leah Hopkins is an elite women’s powerlifter from Toledo, Ohio

Episode 100

Thank you for supporting us through our first 100 episodes! On this weeks show Matt Damian stops by and turns end tables on me. Enjoy!

John Meadows

John Meadows is a professional IFBB bodybuilder and creator of Mountain Dog training.

Angela Yeo

Angela Yeo is a National Champion bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Anthony Furhman

Anthony Furhman is a professional strongman and Solider from Erie, Pa.

Dan Dague

Dan Dague is the owner of Lexen Extreme Gym in Columbus ,Ohio.

Kerry Overfelt

Kerry Overfelt is a former National Highland Games Champion and Strength coach with Darkside Athletics

Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds is a professional Strongman from Ohio.

Sean Urquhart

Sean Urquhart is a top level Professional Highland Games athlete.

Brandon Lilly

Brandon Lilly is a powerlifter on a quest for redemption, forgiveness and happiness.

Dave Tate

Dave Tate is a former powerlifter and owner of Elitefts. My co-host was Zac Gallman, strongman Competitor and created of the Youtube show “Finding Strength”.

Mark Mirabello

Mark Mirabello is a professor at Shawnee State University and the of several books including “A Travelers Guide to the Afterlife”

Zac Papay

Mark and Zac talk training for throwers and athletes of all kinds. This is a great jump off point for your off-season training!

Evan Armstrong

Evan Armstrong is the owner of Viking Coffee in Bowling Green , Ohio.

Ashley Muffet

Ashley Muffet is the head throws coach at The Ohio State University.

Matt Damian

Matt Damian is an author and host of the popular podcast I Still Love This Game.

Tom Rini and Pawel Wencel

Tom Rini and Pawel Wencel are strength and Conditioning coaches from Black Flag CrossFit in Avon, Ohio.

Coy Blair

Coy Blair is a Nationally Ranked shot putter from Ohio.

Jeff Jakmides

Jeff Jakmides is the Head throws coach for Walsh University track and field.

Brooke Sousa

Brooke Sousa is the current Strongest Woman in the World!

Eric Mabie

Eric Mabie is a Strength and Conditioning coach from Copley, Ohio.

Jud Logan

Jud Logan is the head track and field coach for Ashland University and a four time Olympian in the hammer throw.

Older Podcasts

#126 – James Carsey

James Carsey is the Assistant Athletic Director for Human Performance at the University of Miami (OH).

#125 – Matt Damian

Matt Damian is an author, host of his own podcast “I Still Love This Game” and friend of the show!

#127- Kyle Conel

Kyle Conel is a 2019 NCAA D1 Wrestling All-American at Kent State University.  He placed 2nd at the NCAA Wrestling Championship.

#123 – Matt and Leigh Lilla

Matt and Leigh Lilla are coaches at CrossFit Rebels in Safety Harbor, Florida, Travelers, and long time friends!

Pawel Wencel

Pawel Wencel is the host of the Uncharted Performance Podcast.

The Refined Savage: Dr Lisa Arfons

Dr.Lisa Arfons is the Lead Medical Oncology Representative Cancer Program Leadership Council Comprehensive Cancer Program, Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Cleveland,Ohio.

Brooke Sousa

Brooke Sousa is the number 6th ranked strongwoman in the world.

Zac Ball

Zac Ball is a former All-American Hammer thrower at Ashland University and the current Throws coach at Northwood University

Kylee Rae Craig

Kylee Rae Craig is a nationally ranked powerlifter and domestic violence advocate.

Shawn Schumaker and Chris Vachio

Shawn Schumaker is a strongman competitor, former bodybuilder and owner of Team BSS in Youngstown, Ohio. Chris Vachio is a strongman competitor, promoter and stand-up

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